Our Story



 TrueBrush is the world’s first all-natural oral care solution that requires no toothpaste or water. It's lightweight and portable making it very convenient. For centuries, people around the world have been using products like TrueBrush to fulfil their on-the-go oral care needs. It just isn’t as well known here yet.

  Our Mission is to be a leading provider of a natural and organic product that solves our everyday needs without causing harm to YOU or to the ENVIRONMENT. The world has natural solutions to our everyday needs, and our focus is on finding those solutions, bringing them to the surface, and making them fit amicably into your everyday lifestyle.

 Our business model thrives off of not only providing climate change solutions that a person can hold in their hand, but also encouraging people to care about our local and global communities.

GOOD FOR YOU: TrueBrush, comes from the Peelu tree. Studies have identified 19 natural antibacterial elements in this tree wood that have been proven to fight bacteria in the mouth. In fact, it kills more bacteria, at a faster rate, than a conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. For this reason, a product like TrueBrush has been recommended by the World Health Organization as a highly viable oral care solution.
GOOD FOR EARTH: The world does have natural solutions for our everyday needs. Our focus is to find those solutions and make them readily available to fit into your everyday lifestyle. For the first time ever, TrueBrush allows people, who want to make a positive impact on our environment, to hold the environment in their hands, connect with it, and feel the change in their smile.
GOOD FOR ALL: TrueBrush is a Dentist approved solution that supports healthy teeth and gums throughout the day, and on-the- go. TrueBrush proactively supports communities that suffer from not having access to fundamental health care services. We donate TrueBrushes to international Refugee camps and to our local shelters to provide solutions and resources for oral hygienic needs.